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Mga Klase sa Isda

Ni Dr. Jes B. Tirol, Ph.D

Mga Klase sa Isda [Kinds of Fish]

ambuhotan – melon-headed whale. Also see lumod.
anduhaw – mackerel; a kind of fish
awa – mother milkfish; the large milkfish that is the only one that lays eggs
baknit; baknitan – a kind of fish similar to the triggerfish
baliling – a fish similar to ‘mamsa
balinsaw – a kind of fish
balinsawog – (Sc.n. scomberoides tala) a kind of marine fish. Also lali
balo; bawo – (sc.n. tylosurus gavialoides) swordfish; garfish
banagan – lobster. Also bakagan
banak; banag – mullet; a kind of fish that can jump high out of the water. Also see gisaw
banakon – a kind of fish
banban – a kind of marine fish of the family hemiramphidae, a fish of one palm in size staying in the seaweeds and has yellowish tail.
bangsi; mangsi – the flying fish. Also barungoy
bangus – milkfish
bansikol – a kind of fish. When grown or adult it is called mamsa
bantol – tassled scorpion fish; stonefish; a small fish with rough skin and venomous spines
barilis – yellow fin tuna. (Syn. karaw)
barungoy – the flying fish. Also bangsi
bayan; bayang – a kind of fish.
budlisan – yellow-tail barracuda. Also tabangko, rumpi kandado
bugaong – the zebra fish (sc.n. terapon jarbua)
bulawis – the bigger type of danggit
bulinaw – (sc.n. stolephornus commersonii) long-jawed anchovy; a kind of small herring-like marine fish
bulinaw-nga-bagakayon – (sc.n. stolephorus indicus) Indian anchovy
bulinaw-nga-tumbagahon – (sc.n. setipinna tenuifilis) hair-fin anchovy
bunog – a small fish found near the seashore. It is always resting on the sand. It has a large head relative to its body. Its length is about 7 to 10 cm long and has light brownish color
burayburay – the angel fish
buriring; budiding – a kind of small puffer fish that is poisonous to eat. Also butiti
danggit – saguinid; spinefoot. A marine fish of the siganidae family
danggit-nga-bulawis – white spotted spine foot fish
dugong – see duyong
dugso – a kind of sea-eel; spearfish
duyong; dugong – a kind of sea animal; sea-cow
gisaw – fry of mullet. When it becomes big it is called banak
guno – a short-jawed anchovy. It usually lives in sands and corals
halwan – a freshwater mudfish
halwantasik – a mudfish-like large marine fish
ibis – a kind of small fish. It is about 2 to 3 cm long and is usually found near the shoreline in a school of about a few hundred. Also called glass fish
iho – shark, a kind of predator fish
ito – a marine catfish
kasili – a kind of freshwater eel
katambak – emperor bream fish
katambak-amamato – pink ear emperor fish; yellow-tailed emperor fish
katambak-awman – thumbprint emperor fish. Also bulingbuling
katambak-dugsoon – long-nosed emperor fish
kitong – golden spine foot fish. Also pagatpaton
kiyampaw – (sc.n. dasyatis spp) see pagi
labayan – a kind of marine fish with variety of colors. It is about 10 cm long and thrives in sea grasses. It is greenish or brownish in color.
lambiyaw; lambijaw – (sc.n. spratelloides gracillis) slender sprat fish. Also libod or mawbgas
lumod – a kind of whale that breathes through a hole on its head. Also balilan or ambuhotan
malangsi – (sc.n. sardinella gibbosa) gold stripe sardine fish; rainbow sardine fish
malasugi – Indo-pacific blue marlin fish
maming – (sc.n. cheilinus fasciatus) red-breasted wrasse fish
maming-puntikon – (sc.n. cheilinus trilobatus) triple-tail wrasse fish
mamsa – (sc.n. caranx melampygus) blue fin trevally fish
mapawo – a brownish black marine mudfish
mawbgas – see lambiyaw
mulmol – the parrotfish; a marine fish whose mouth is like that of the beak of a parrot.
mungit – (sc.n. acanthurus nigricans) a kind of marine fish. Whitecheek surgeonfish
mungo – a kind of very small fish
pagatpaton – red-dotted spine foot fish; spade fish. It is characterized by yellow-brown circular spots in its skin.
pagi – (sc.n. dasyatis spp.) the stingray fish. Also kiyampaw or kijampaw
pakol – a kind of fish called black-old-wife. It has tough skin with few scales one on top of the other
pantat – a freshwater catfish
pata – a kind of small marine fish. It is usually dark in color and about 5 cm long.
pugapo – (sc.n. epinephelus coioides) estuary grouper fish. Also lapulapo
pugawo – 1. peacock hind fish. (sc.n. cephalopholis argus) 2. six-banded rock cod fish (sc.n. epinephelus sexfasciatus) 3. masked grouper fish (sc.n. gracila albomarginata)
pugawo-nga-bantolon – (sc.n. epinephelus tukula) patato grouper fish.
pugawo-nga-iwon-iwon – 1. long-fin grouper fish (sc.n. epinephelus quoyanus) 2. flowery grouper fish (sc.n. epinephelus fusgoguttatus)
pugawo-nga-senyorita – (sc.n. epinephelus malabaricus) malabar grouper fish.
rumpi-kandado – see budlisan.
saguksok – the file-fish. It is a small, slender, and bony fish. Also baknit
salmon – a kind of fish found in the North Atlantic coastal waters.
saminsamin – golden trevally fish (sc.n. gnathanodon speciosus)
samu’k; samulok – a kind of fish
sasa – a kind of marine fish. Barred garfish (sc.n. hemiramphus far)
sigwil – the pen fish; looks like but smaller than suwasid
suwahan – the bigger variety of (see) saguksok or baknit.
suwasid – a kind of marine fish. Tropical halfbeak. Also salawasid
tabudyos; talabudyos – the young banak. Also gisaw.
tamban – a variety of sardine fish. Also talamban
tamban-tuloy – Northern pilchard fish
tambasakan – mudskipper fish; long-tailed goby fish. It has grayish color with spots of dark gray. It can stay on the dry for a long time (sc.n. oxyurichthys microlepis)
tangkig – sea snake
tikong – a kind of puffer fish. It is yellowish in color with some light spots on the skin. It is edible when the poisonous sac near the bile is removed.
tilapya – tilapia; a kind of freshwater fish
timbungan – goatfish. A kind of marine fish with two whisker-like growth at the lower jaw
tulingan – oriental bonito; a kind of marine fish (sc.n. sarda orientalis)
tulingan-nga-tindokon – frigate mackerel fish (sc.n. auxis thazard)
ubod – conger eel; a kind of sea eel (sc.n. congridae)
ubod-bulawanon – black-edged conger eel (sc.n. conger cinereus)

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